32? Large Studio LED Light Box


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The Big Light Box LED Studio is a 32x32x32 inch Dimmable, compact and sturdy carrying case that can be easily converted into a very complete portable photo studio with five different backgrounds, diffused fabric for light and illumination Dimmable LED. The transformation of the bag in the studio is done in an instant by simply opening the bag at the back and widening the sides. The position of the walls can be fixed with Velcro strips.

This portable photo studio, when unfolded, measures 32x32x32 inches. It is ideal for taking product photos wherever you are! The bottom can also be quickly attached with a Velcro strip. With the 5 included backgrounds you can immediately create the desired atmosphere. In addition, these colors are easy to use as a background for subjects that need to be distinguished. Dimmable LED lighting is performed using the rotary knob on the mains adapter.

Features of the Caruba Portable LED Photocube 32 x 32 x 32 inches Dimmable

  • rugged carrying case and portable photo studio
  • dimensions: 32x32x32 inches
  • very complete mini photo studio
  • equipped with dimmable LED lighting
  • ideal for product photography
  • 5 different backgrounds included